Paramotoring Day Taster

Learn to Paramotor in on our Paramotoring Day Taster Course – it has never been easier. Our one day paramotor course is aimed at people who want to try out the exciting sport of paramotoring.

Experience a Paramotoring Day Taster for just – £155

The paramotor day taster is similar to the paragliding day taster, where you should get to the stage of flying a paraglider on your own, at low level; but we add a good look at the paramotor itself towards the end of the day.  

NOTE: Your flying on day 1 will NOT be with a paramotor on your back. You will be flying a paraglider, which is the first stage of learning paramotoring.

All of your training will be with our experienced and qualified BHPA instructors whose aim is to keep you safe and having fun!

[Please note that the max weight for a Tandem Paraglider Flight is 14.5 Stone/92KG]


Airways Airsports - Paramotor day taster

What you'll be doing

We start the day with a basic theory lecture and necessary paperwork. We then practise our parachute landing falls (a must at the beginning of each flying day), and move on to getting the gear out and learning how to inspect it for airworthiness. Once familiar with the flying kit, you will then learn how to launch and control the paraglider on the ground.  When you are happy with this, you can progress onto the first low paraglider flights.

Having already flown a paraglider you can try the paramotor on for size to see how light modern units are, and generally ask all the questions you need answered to make up your mind if paramotoring is for you.

The wide open spaces of Derbyshire and Airways Airpark is a great place to do your paramotor lessons.

We supply all the major makes of paramotor including Fly Products two stroke, Parajet and Bailey four stroke units. This means you get the chance to get up close to the machines in the shop and on the field before making your mind up on which is the right paramotor for you.

What you'll need

  • A pair of walking boots with ankle support.
  • Your voucher and any other paperwork we sent you
  • A bottle of water (we do have a cafe if you wish to buy lunch/drinks)
  • Layers of clothing that you can adjust according to the temperature)

(Note: If you decide to go on to do a paramotor course, you can credit the cost of your taster day against the price of the course).

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To make a gift extra special and to get a feeling of being high in the air, you can add a tandem paraglider flight for an extra £30 when bought together with a paramotor taster day.