Microlight (flex wing) – Single Seat Deregulated

Single Seat De-Regulation (SSDR) has opened up access to many wonderful flying machines to the solo microlight licence holder.  There is the possibility of further cross-credit routes to a microlight licence from hang glider and paraglider power ratings

Present Specification for Single Seat De-Regulation (SSDR);

  1. Empty weight (with all fitted equipment needed for flight but with zero fuel) – not more than 115kg
  2. Wing loading, based on empty weight, not to exceed 10kg/m²
  3. Aircraft registration and compliance with the ANO section on display of registration marks
  4. Noise testing and CAA certification in accordance with BCAR Section N
  5. Licence appropriate for the aircraft type.
  6. Mandatory 3rd party insurance in accordance with the EU directive.


All SSDR aircraft fall into the microlight definition, as an over-arching category, so this will mean that the stall speed must not exceed 35kts OR the wing loading at MTOW must not exceed 25kg/m² and also that the MTOW must not exceed 300kg for a landplane, 330kg for a seaplane/amphibian.