Hang Gliding Tuition

Unique Facilities

Our hang gliding school is based at our airfield in Ashbourne, so there is no “changing site” if the wind direction changes. We have a wonderful café, classroom and shop on site.

Whilst we no longer offer hang gliding training to solo flight but do offer courses to help you develop your Hang Gliding Skills/ratings. 

Power conversion course……………………..£ 299 – £ 599

Once you have your CPC (winch) and/or (hill) your power rating is a straightforward step. The short conversion course is half price (£299) if you purchase your equipment from us or if you have learned to fly with us.

Winch conversion………………………………………….£189

An extra rating for established hang glider pilots. This course generally takes 2 days and the price includes 10 tows which is all you usually need to get the qualification. You can stay on for additional tows from £2 each.

Solo Aerotow

Once you are qualified, solo aerotows are just £15 – takeoff up to 1000′ QFE, then £5 for each additional 500′ after that. You can even store your glider at the airpark in our secure hangar for £5 per month.

Fancy a Tandem flight with a World Champion?

The flight of a lifetime and by far our most popular experience flight. You will lie in a harness, alongside three times World Champion Judy Leden MBE, in a tandem hang glider. You will be towed aloft by a microlight tug up to 3,000 feet above the airfield. Your instructor will then release the tow line, then you can either fly the hang glider yourself or simply enjoy the view. (see video below of a tandem hang gliding flight up to 3000ft). More info