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Covid-19 Update – 2nd September 2020

Microlight/Sports Light Air Experience Flights
After reviewing the current situation and guidelines we have made the decision that September flight experience bookings will not go ahead.  The situation will be reviewed again in October.  If you have a September booking please call our office to rearrange your flight.


We are pleased to announce the next phase of re-opening Darley Moor Airfield for flying activities. We are following DfT and CAA guidelines for reopening airfields in England and our strategies reflect the ongoing need for social distancing.  With this in mind, some of our activities are able to resume, and others will be delayed.
    • TANDEM HANG GLIDING FLIGHTS – we are now open for bookings. You must comply with the following:
    • You must be free from Covid 19 symptoms
    • You must bring, and wear at all times, a face mask, gloves and you must have eye protection during the flight (sunglasses, normal spectacles or safety glasses)
    • You must bring sufficient clothing to keep you warm during your flight – we will not be able to lend out flying suits to people who haven’t brought warm clothes, so bring plenty of layers!
  2. Day tasters and courses are now open for booking.
    • Day tasters may book in for Tuesdays or Sundays. You must bring sufficient clothing to keep you warm during your taster day – we will not be able to lend out flying suits to people who haven’t brought warm clothes, so bring plenty of layers. Make sure you bring sturdy, ankle-supporting boots too.
    • Students on courses can book in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. There will be limited numbers allowed, so book as early as you can.
    • You must bring a face mask and gloves with you.
    • You must be free from Covid 19 symptoms
    • These are still not possible with social distancing. We hope that these will recommence from September.
    • Students are now able to resume their lessons, with additional precautions being taken to remain within the guidelines.  We will be making the lesson slots longer to allow for sanitisation of aircraft and equipment.
  5. MICROLIGHT / SPORTS LIGHT AIR EXPERIENCE FLIGHTS  Please see 2nd September update above
    • These flights are still not possible within social distancing restrictions. We hope to recommence these from September. 
  6. CAFÉ
    • During lockdown, the café has been completely refurbished and will reopen as the “Aviator Café-Deli”.  It will serve a menu of home cooked food including breakfast, lunches, snacks, cakes and our new gelateria ice cream selection.  The final preparations are being made and it will open very soon…… Watch this space!
To book your flights, or to discuss anything with us, please email or call on 01335 344308


Dear Club Member, We are pleased to announce the start of our phased re-opening of Darley Moor Airfield effective from 9 am, Sunday 17th May 2020. In order to do so, we require every club member to help us maintain a safe environment for everyone (Pilots & Staff) to use this facility. Following DfT guidelines regarding the reopening of airfields in England, we have put in place this phased strategy to ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to and the risk of contamination reduced to a minimum. This will be done initially by strictly limiting numbers on the airfield at any time. We intend to review this daily and will either increase or decrease numbers as necessary. It is worth noting at this time that all the Airways team are currently furloughed, any members of staff present during your visit will be doing so on a voluntary basis and acting under the CFI’s instruction. Social distancing will always be enforced, and you will be asked to provide your own basic PPE (minimum of gloves and mask) and hand sanitiser. It is also important to respect all members and users of this facility regardless of your personal opinions on Government or Airways advice. We have created this phased strategy to safely re-open to ALL airfield users. This is subject to modification if it becomes necessary for operational reasons or changing Government/scientific advice. PHASE 1. In this phase, access will be limited to club members only. There will be a closed gate policy where pilots of all disciplines will be required to book in to gain access to the airfield. Access will not be permitted without a 24hr prior arrangement. Prior to entry to the site, you will receive a briefing from the acting CFI or representative and a Covid-19 declaration will need to be agreed. To provide fair access to members, there will be three sessions per day; 9 am-12 pm, 12 pm-3 pm & 3 pm-6 pm. You will be required to vacate the airfield within your allotted session to allow access to others. Numbers of members in each session will be strictly limited to enable safe-distancing and this will be regularly reviewed in the light of experience. A dedicated outdoor area will be assigned for your exclusive use during your time here. We cannot offer you any facilities during this stage and all communal areas like the clubhouse (including toilets), hangar, storage areas, lawn, viewing areas and campsite etc will be off-limits. The airfield will only be open to pilots & passengers. Family members and friends will not be permitted on site to spectate. Visiting pilots will also not be permitted at this time. Please do not come to the airfield without prior permission. BOOKING IN: We have utilised an online booking system to aid the process. Currently, we are only able to permit two bookings per session per discipline Microlight/Ground handing/Paramotoring. At this time please only book one session per day and no more than three per week, and only one of those bookings per weekend.  This is to enable everyone to have at least some access to flying. Sessions are for a three-hour period starting at 09:00/12:00/15:00 please make your bookings at these time intervals. We will make more booking slots available as it becomes safe to do so and add an evening slot from 6 pm once it is deemed safe and manageable to do. With your cooperation and support, this should be achievable. You can find our booking system at Search for group name: Airways CV-19 bookings Your request to join will need to be approved and only granted to club members. If you are not a club member paying £10pcm membership please contact for access. ARRIVING/DEPARTING THE AIRFIELD: The gate will be staffed from the entry times for 30mins, access will not be granted prior to this time please plan your journey accordingly. Upon arrival, you will be asked to park inside the gate to receive a daily brief from the acting CFI or nominated representative, asked to agree to a Covid -19 waiver.  You will then be directed to your allocated area. We will also be operating a one in one out policy. Please ensure you have left the airfield within your session to allow access to the next group. DESIGNATED AREA: You will be allotted a specific zone for your exclusive use. This will be given to you upon entry. Once on-site you will be asked to drive directly to your zone.  A parking area close to your zone will be allocated.  Try to remain in your allocated zone as far as is practicable.  This system is in place to protect you and other users of the site. Microlighting: Upon booking, your aircraft will be bought out of the hangar and tied down in your allotted zone, this will be done prior to your arrival. Please park your car in the designated area. Use your zone to carry out all Di/Pre-flight checks within it. All movements will be confined to the concrete areas using the Astroturf runway. The hangar is off limits at the moment as we are protecting vulnerable staff working in there on maintenance and permits.  DO NOT ENTER THE HANGAR.  Please ensure that you bring with you everything that you require as we are unable to offer you any assistance. Paramotoring: You will be able to drive your car around the peri track and park within your allotted zone. Please ensure that all take off and landings are within this area (if safe to do so). Ground handling: you will be able to drive around the peri track and park in your area. Please keep all ground movements to your zone. The AstroTurf runway is in use, please do not venture on it and be mindful of departing and arriving aircraft and vehicles at all times. You will be driving “airside” You must take care and maintain a good lookout at all times.  The maximum speed limit of 10mph is there for a reason.  It is to allow you to maintain a good lookout and other users to avoid you. Weather minima and duty of care. This Airfield will remain closed when the weather is outside the minima of the discipline. Please call our flight line on 07801987882 after 8am and prior to your departure to avoid an unnecessary journey. This will be updated throughout the day as required. For some of you it has been some considerable time since you have flown, please feel free to discuss any concerns with an instructor. Thank you for your cooperation at these challenging times.
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