Microlight Flight Packages

We’ve all been there – Christmas is approaching and we haven’t yet got that important Present.  As the available shopping opportunities tick by, we fall into a blind panic and our mind wanders over all kinds of options from the ludicrous to the bizarre.  We imagine Christmas morning arriving and handing over the box of supermarket chocolates, petrol station flowers or worse nothing mumbling some lame excuse about the delivery went missing and you’ve been on to them for days trying to get another one sent through.

So why do we go through the same sort of agony every year?  With only a few shopping days to Christmas, let me suggest another quite special alternative and one that’ll put you in someone’s best books.  I’m talking about the Gift of Flight.

Instead of munching resentfully on a slightly stale chocolate, they could spend the rest of Christmas Day (indeed the rest of Christmas and into the New Year) with a wistful smile on their face as they imagine themselves soaring above the clouds on the flight of a lifetime.

The Airways Airsports Experience

At Airways Airsports, we have years of experience taking novices up for their first “free” flight (it’s so much more exciting than cattle class to Ibiza).  We have pilots with years of experience of not just flying but also instructing.  They’re the best and make sure that those who fly with them get the most out of their flying experience.

Our Flying Gift Vouchers cover the whole range of Free Flight Experiences.  We can take you Paragliding, Microlighting (in the traditional Flex-Wing Microlight or our Sports Light Microlight) and Hang Gliding as well as teaching kiting and basic paragliding skills. 

Hang about with a Champion

Our most popular Gift Voucher is unique.  We’re proud to have Judy Leden MBE on our flying staff. Judy is a three-times World Hang and Paragliding Champion and regularly appears on TV.  What Judy doesn’t know about flying isn’t worth knowing.  At Airways Airsports we give you the opportunity to go on a Tandem Hang Glider Flight with Judy.  Unique is a much overused word nowadays – in the case of flying with Judy, it truly is unique!

Flying Gift Vouchers with Airways Airsports
Flying Tandem with Judy Leden MBE
hang gliding Airways Airsports
The views are fantastic up here

Majestic Microlights

New for 2020 is our “Dambusters” Flight as well as our Flex Wing or Sports Light Packages.  You’ll take off from our Ashbourne Airfield in a microlight and fly over the stunning Peak District National Park up to the Derwent Valley where you’ll have a chance to see the famous Dambuster dams where the wartime raids were practised.

What’s more, you have a choice of aircraft.  You can fly in the traditional “open” flex wing microlight and enjoy the wind in your face and a fully unrestricted view around you, or if comfort is more your thing, then our Ikarus C42 Sports Light plane looks and feels like a conventional small plane. It even has a heater in the cockpit!  However you fly, this is a truly memorable experience and one not to be missed.

Microlight Experience Flight
The Ikarus C42 Microlight - with a Heater!
Microlight Flex Wing Experience
What most people think a Microlight looks like!

Paragliding Perfection

We’ve all seen paraglider peacefully circling above our heads – it’s an exhilarating sport and one you can join in with a Tandem Paraglider flight.

Your pilot will be a highly experienced instructor who will steer the paraglider, hunting for thermals (to give you lift) during your flight.  While they do all the work, you’re free to sit back and enjoy the ride.  We normally find a broad grin is a regular accompaniment to a paraglider flight! You’ll get an unsurpassed view of the Derbyshire countryside beneath your feet.  Ask any paraglider pilot and they’ll tell you it’s the only way to fly!  And if you get hooked there is always the Paragliding Taster Day where you’ll be controlling your own paraglider by the end of the day.

It's a great view from a paraglider
and you just sit back and enjoy it!

Our Flying Gift Vouchers are available throughout the year from our website Airways-Airsports.com or by calling us during office hours.  If you have any questions, then please ask; it won’t be the first time it’s been asked.

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