Disabled Hang Gliding

Airways Airsports has pioneered Disabled Hang Gliding techniques.  We’ve developed a range of flying methods and facilities that mean we are the UK’s most experienced provider of tandem hang gliding for people with a range of disabilities.

Because the tandem hang glider is set up to take off and land on wheels, no running or walking is required, making it accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility or strength. We also have a second harness set up which is a double-decker harness, giving us options to fly with people with profound disabilities.

Tandem hang gliding using aerotow means we can almost certainly accommodate you, whether or not you can walk. Whatever your disability, we will try to enable you to fly.  Please email or ring to discuss your individual needs with your tandem pilot.

We work closely with the BHPA’s Flyability organisation, a charity that is committed to helping the widest range of people to get in the air. Flyability provides information, grant aid and encouragement to anyone wishing to give free flying a try.

Your Disabled Hang Gliding flight(s) will be run to exactly the same syllabus as for able-bodied pilots, all we ask is that you bring with you the assistants and mobility measures you need to get around the airfield.  Please also mention the nature of your disability at the time of booking a slot to fly as we usually allow extra time for your flight as briefings are more specific, and getting into the harness can take longer.

We can also accommodate groups for experience days that include a mixture of hang gliding and other flying disciplines.

All our buildings and facilities have wheelchair access and most areas of the flying field can be reached by vehicle.

For more details and to discuss your specific requirements please contact us.

Disabled Hang Gliding at Airways Airsports
Disabled Hang Gliding at Airways Airsports
Airways Airsports student, George Ransome, pictured after his first solo hang gliding flight, pictured with his instructors.