Paramotoring Tuition

Finding the right school for paramotor tuition can be a challenging experience for the novice pilot.  We try to make it easy for you by giving you all the paramotoring information you need, then suggest you to try a paramotor "day taster" before commiting to a full course (we credit the cost of the day taster against any course you take with us). 

Airways Airsports is a full time paramotor school, accredited by BHPA, CAA & BMAA.

We teach to the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association's syllabus for foot launched powered aircraft (FLPA).  We believe that the best paramotor pilots are those that learn to fly their paraglider first, and then we introduce the element of power. However, if you only ever intend to fly paramotors you don’t have to complete the full Paragliding Club Pilot Certificate course. 

Winch Training speeds learning 

At Airways Airsports we use the advantage of training on a winch to help people learn to paramotor quickly, safely and relatively easily.  Your paramotor course starts by using the winch to get your paraglider handling skills up to scratch, learning consistent launch and landing techniques.  You are then introduced to your paramotor and, as you are already familiar with your wing, learning to fly with the paramotor on your back is much easier. Also, because towing on the winch simulates the take off attitude of a paramotor under power, initial flights using the paramotor are much more controlled and relaxed.

Other elements of the course include working with the engine, navigation, meteorology and air law. Finally there are some qualifying cross country paramotor flights and a written exam to complete the course.

Our Paramotor course lasts 8-10 days, which can be taken as a block or a couple of days at a time, you learn at a rate that suits you and your circumstances. As with all our courses, teaching is progressive and once you have mastered the basic skills on the winch, your road to paramotoring is straightforward.



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