Paragliding Courses and Costs

Paragliding Lessons & Courses start at £ 145 – Learn to Paraglide for £ 819

Paragliding Taster Day ........................................£ 145

A chance to try out paragliding and find out what it is like to take control before committing to a full course. (Note: If you decide to go on to do a paragliding course, you can credit the cost of your taster day against the price of the course). Complete your experience by adding a tandem high flight to your taster course for just £30. Buy Paragliding Taster Days online now

Elementary Pilot Certificate (EPC) ...................... £ 600

The basic Paragliding qualification that teaches you everything you need to know to get you safely in the air.

Click here for our residential courses in paragliding.

Club Pilot Certificate (CPC)

£ 499   with wing purchase

£ 899   without wing purchase

The CPC follows EPC and is the qualification you need in order to fly outside the school. When you complete your CPC you can fly in a club environment and are ready to progress to more advanced qualifications. The training introduces more advanced flying skills, like exploring the speed range of your paraglider, speed bar and rapid descent techniques.

Combined Elementary & Club Pilot Certificate 

£ 1,050 With wing purchase

£ 1,450 without wing purchase


Click here for our residential courses in paragliding

Combined Elementary & Club Pilot "Best Deal" course price only ......  £ 819

"Best Deal" is the cheapest way to learn and gets you the kit you'll need to train, plus tuition up to CPC at a discounted rate of £ 819. Total price £ 4,200

  • Ozone Mojo 5
  • Woody Valley Exense Air Harness (with integral airbag for greater protection)
  • Ozone Nutshell helmet
  • Elementary Pilot Certificate
  • Club Pilot Certificate

Paragliding Hill Conversion ................................ £ 299

Once you have your paragliding CPC qualification you can easily gain your hill rating by undertaking a short (from 2 days) conversion course. You will then have 2 qualifications: CPC "tow" and CPC "hill" which widens your options for flying.

Paramotor Conversion Course ................ £ 299 - £ 599

Once you have your paragliding CPC qualification you can easily gain your paramotor rating by undertaking a short conversion course. The paramotor tuition is half price (£299) if you purchase your equipment from us or if you have learned to fly with us.

Paragliding Tow Conversion...................£199

For anoyone who is already a qualified club pilot (or higher) paramotor or paragliding pilot. The course is normally 2-3 days depending on weather and consists of a minimum of 10 controlled tows and winch brief.


Foreign Courses

We are running courses in France in May/June and September. Just phone the office for more information. For paragliding travel insurance please visit JS Insurance's website for a quick quote:



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