Microlighting Tuition

To fly a microlight aircraft you need a National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL), with ‘Microlight’ type rating.   This is gained by doing a microlight course with a qualified instructor at a microlight school, in accordance with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) syllabus of training.

The requirements to get the microlight licence are:

  • minimum of 25 hours total flying time including 10 hours solo
  • two qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles.
  • a General Flying Test,
  • an oral exam
  • 5 multiple-choice exams:
                                         Principles of flight,
                                         Air law,
                                         Human factors

We run evening theory lectures to prepare students for the exams, making the learning process more enjoyable.

The above licence requirements are minimums flying hours and do not guarantee a pass; everyone learns at different rates and the time it takes to qualify varies. 

Each flying lesson is booked as a slot that allows for one hour flying and time for briefing and debriefing.


All Microlight aircraft have to be built by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved companies to rigorous airworthiness standards. Recent statistics from the CAA showed microlight aircraft to be the safest form of private aviation in the UK. However any aircraft is only as safe as the pilot who files it, therefore thorough training and common sense are both vital in the making of a safe pilot. 

Who Can Fly?

Almost everyone! Maximum pilot weight is around 90 Kg and the minimum age to start is 14. Solo flights can be made from age 16, and a licence can be held from 17.  There is no maximum age - one of our students, Eric, gained his microlight licence on his 80th birthday! 

Microlight Training

Click here for microlight tuition costs


There are two general routes to follow for training :-

  • On the school aircraft
  • On your own aircraft

Using a school aircraft is the most convenient method, there is no need to outlay the cost of an aircraft to learn to fly, and during the initial lessons you may decide that the sport is not for you. However once convinced that you do want to continue, having your own or a part share of an aircraft to train on will save you a considerable sum of money. In addition your aeroplane is always available, at times a school aircraft may not be.  

Booking Lessons

Each flying lesson is booked as a two hour slot that allows for one hour flying and time for briefing and debriefing. In order to get the required day and time, it is best to book as far in advance as possible. Weekends tend to be more popular, so book early! 

We ask that if for some reason you have to cancel that you let us know as soon as possible in order that someone may take over your slot. Failure to turn up without cancelling may result in you being charged.

Other Services available 

  • Conversion courses
  • Skills refresher courses
  • Advanced flying courses (ask for more details);


We have a large stock of accessories and Personal flying equipment including :- 

  • Textbooks
  • Training syllabus
  • Charts
  • Map boards
  • Rules, protractors, pens etc
  • Flying suits
  • Leisure wear
  • Radios and instruments
  • Gloves
  • Helmets and intercoms


Aircraft Sales 

We are main dealers for several types of U.K. approved microlight aircraft and also database a large number of used aircraft available for sale. Talk to us for details.





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