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Our hang gliding school provides lessons and courses in all aspects of this exciting sport.

Hang gliding is the nearest we can get to flying like a bird. Flying face down, with the wing above you, letting the movement of your body steer you around the sky - the feeling is exhilarating and unique.
Take hang gliding lessons with our expert team including Chief Flying Instructor, Andy Snell, and three times World Champion, Judy Leden MBE . You will not find a more dedicated & professional team of pilots to teach you to fly.  Blue Peter chose us (twice!) for a series of programmes, as did The Gadget Show, Country Tracks, The Weather Show, and many more.

Airways Airsports instructor, Judy Leden, at Duxford Airshow

Hang gliders fly faster, climb better and have the best glide characteristics of all the free flight disciplines. Although slightly more demanding to learn, they allow pilots to fly in a wider range of wind and weather conditions than paragliders. Modern hang gliders launch from winches, and aerotow behind microlights as well as flying from hills. If you want to enjoy the freedom of the skies, then hang gliding is for you - come and learn hang gliding in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Hang Gliding Courses

Airways Airsports offer the widest range of hang gliding courses of any school in the UK. Your hang gliding lessons will be close to the Derbyshire Peak District using the most efficient and progressive method available.....tandem hang gliding using aerotowing, combined with solo winching. Your initial three flights will be up to 3,000 feet, with each flight lasting around 20 minutes (or more if the conditions allow). You will be taught by a highly experienced instructor in the art of flying a hang glider. Once you have got the hang of turning and speed control, you will move on to our static winch, commencing your first solo flights. Once we have taught you to hang glide, conversion to hill or powered hang gliding is a straightforward step.

Whether you are an experienced paraglider or microlight pilot wishing to convert to hang gliding, a lapsed hang glider pilot feeling rusty, or a complete beginner, you can train at your own speed, a day at a time, weekends or weekdays, or come for longer periods to progress more quickly.

Unique Facilities

Although most of our students come to the Derbyshire Peak District to learn to hang glide from surrounding areas like Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Stoke on Trent we also attract hang gliding students from across the UK thanks to our unique facilities. Our hang gliding school is based at our airfield in Ashbourne, so there is no "changing site" if the wind direction changes. We have a wonderful café, classroom and shop on site.

Join us on a flight over derbyshire with one of our experienced instructors:

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